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So here's just a little collection of some small programmes.
This software is NOT public domain!
Unless stated otherwise in the documentation it's freeware.
I.e. you're allowed to use it free of charge, but you're NOT allowed to charge for

For information/comments/suggestions/bugs/whatever mail me at WIMPy@yeti.dk.

9   KB ARM_Logo - 1998-10-23 A 800*600 256-col. ARM powered logo as executable
(ideal for your !Boot application)
1   KB ddci_I 0.11 1998-10-23 ddci driver for on-board serial port
11¾KB ddFiler - 2002-12-22 Single icon filer (configurable)
6   KB ddUtil 0.44 2004-12-30 ddUtil module
This is needed by almost everyting here
for documentation see below
26½KB ddUtil_doc 0.44 2005-01-02 Documentation for the ddUtil module
¾KB dduTime 0.02 1998-10-23 A environment variable that gives the current time in the format you wrote to it
11   KB FidoFile 1.14 2002-12-22 FidoNet file sender / requester
½KB Kill - 1998-10-23 Kill applications from the command line giving their name
15½KB MDFEd - 2002-12-22 Monitor Definition File editor
4   KB PKTInfo - 1998-10-23 Shows short information on FTN-PKT (Fido) headers
½KB Poll - 1998-10-23 Multitask in Obey fies
Will halt execution for the given number of centiseconds while letting you do other things in that time
17¾KB PortStat - 2002-12-22 Shows status of serial/parallel port or a serial BlockDriver
32¼KB PRMIndex - 2002-12-22 Small app to search the PRM index
129¼KB PSTN-Site 0.05 2002-12-22 Finds the geographical location of a given telephone number
26¼KB RPC_Logo - 1998-10-23 A 800*600 16M-col. Risc PC logo as executable
(ideal for your !Boot application)
¼KB RPC_ROM - 1998-10-23 Risc PC speeder
Will reprogram the RPCs chipset to make both RAM and ROM access a little faster
¼KB SerReset - 1998-10-23 Resets the serial port (might help getting it alife again after some certain programmes have used it)
23½KB sms 0.27 2002-12-22 Send text messages to GSM mobiles and pagers.
Requires ddci (s.a.)
Now with wimp frontend and even more providers
¾KB SpriteSort - 1998-10-23 Sorts the sprites in a sprite file alphabetically
1¾KB SysUsage - 1998-10-23 Displays system load on the icon bar
23¾KB TelCost 0.08 2002-12-22 Telephone timer with highly configurable cost display
2½KB TinyJPEG 0.03 2002-12-22 Shows JPEG images; small and fast, requires RISC OS 3.6 or higher
7   KB TurboANSI 0.35 1998-10-23 Small ANSI terminal
The archive contains both a multitasking wimp and a full-screen version
requires ddci (s.a.)
wimp version now with save as text/sprite option
8½KB TurboTerm 4.43 1998-10-23 Special terminal for use with WimpMail
The archive contains both a multitasking wimp and a full-screen version
requires ddci (s.a.)
wimp version now with save as text/sprite option
5¾KB TurboTerm- 4.31 1998-10-23 Old version
should work on RISC OS 2 and doesn't need ddci
21½KB WMAdmin 0204 2004-02-26 Icon bar utility
definable menu / hotkeys