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So here's just a little collection of some small programmes.

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This software is NOT public domain!
Unless stated otherwise in the documentation it's freeware.
I.e. you're allowed to use it free of charge, but you're NOT allowed to charge for

31¾KB brandy-diff.tgz patch
2006-06-17 This is the latest snapshot of my attempt to get the Linux version of brandy, the BBC BASIV V compatible interpreter by Dave Daniels, to support graphics.
For information and download of brandy see its homepage.

This also contains some changes to make brandy work on Solaris/SunOS as well as AIX.
This is not very well tested, yet. Feedback welcome!

Further changes:

  • This patch also fixes a problem that prevented brandy from starting when stdin is a socket.
  • It will initialise RND() with a random start value if your system has a /dev/urandom
  • You can read environment variables with ARGV$("VarName")
  • Made INPUT#File,String$ faster
  • Modified PTR and EXT for better handling of non-regular files
For a complete description, please read the included file 'Changes'.
28½KB tracI-0.26.txz 0.26 2022-02-09 ISDN Q.921/Q.931 D-Kanal Dekoder / D-channel decoder / protocol analyzer not only for isdn4linux / HiSax
Now also reads traces / log files from Cisco AS, Ascend MAX, Asterisk pri debug, mISDN, onsoft WatchS0 and connects to Auerswald PBXs via TCP and compiles on MacOS as well